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Custom Fabric Name Banner in the SAMSON Collection


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Custom Fabric Name Banner in the SAMSON Collection
I'll say that Regina Spektor often has interesting lyrics and her song 'SAMSON' follows right along those lines as it seems to focus on Samson's hair, but we'll focus on SAMSON's fabrics and say yes, "You are my sweetest downfall. I loved you first!" Okay, maybe you're not a Regina fan, but you can be a fan of this collection and hang the name of your sweetest downfall on the wall. The 8inch x 8inch letters can be used to form names, initials, sentiments, words, and expressions. The panels are lined and double sided with the same fabric, creating a thick panel to prevent any edges from curling. Small fabric tabs made from scraps at the top allow for the letters to be strung together with a natural fiber twine. Letters come pre-strung.

Here are your customization options for this listing. Please include this information in your request if you are not prompted for it:

1. Indicate what you will be spelling.
2. Block :: Rounded :: Italics Lettering. See the last photo in the collection for an example of each.
3. Upon request a photo proof can be emailed before product ships.
4. If you only want 1 or 2 letters from this collection, indicate which fabrics you would like (i.e. I would like the second E in this collection to be represented as an S)

This collection contains a 3, 4 5, 6 and 7 letter option. Be sure to look at the 1st and 2nd photos in the collection as this will indicate which fabric combinations will be used in that particular collection. Please Note!!! Fabric displayed in the detail shots (those that are closeups of the fabric tabs, clips, tags, twine etc...) may not be representing the fabrics from this collection. If you need more than 7 Letters, then the fabrics will repeat:

10 Letter collection (fabrics repeat) $72.50
9 Letter collection (fabrics repeat) $67.50
8 Letter collection (fabrics repeat) $60.00
7 Letter collection (as pictured) $54.25
6 Letter collection (as pictured) $46.50
5 Letter collection (as pictured) $41.25
4 Letter collection (as pictured) $34.00
3 Letter collection (as pictured) $27.00
2 Letter collection (pick your fabric) $18.00
1 Letter collection (pick you fabric) $9.00

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If you need any other combination of letters, just convo us for a custom listing or further instructions.
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