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Customizable Name Banner ~ Fabric Word Banner ~ Letter Banner in the DREAMER Collection


How Many Letters


Customizable Name Banner ~ Fabric Word Banner ~ Letter Banner in the DREAMER Collection
Attention:: the fabrics have change on this listing and can be found in image #4 of this listing. Lowercase is no longer an option with this listing. We take you back to your regularly scheduled program...

Life is but a dream! Be a dreamer.....The 8inch x 8inch letters can be used to form names, initials, sentiments, words, and expressions. The panels are lined and double sided with the same fabric, creating a thick panel to prevent any edges from curling. Small fabric tabs made from scraps at the top allow for the letters to be strung together with a natural fiber twine. Letters come pre-strung.

Here are your customization options for this listing. Please include this information in your request if you are not prompted for it:

1. Indicate what you will be spelling.
2. Block :: Rounded :: Italics Lettering. See the last photo in the collection for an example of each.
4. Upon request a photo proof can be emailed before product ships.
5. If you only want 1, 2 or 3 letters from this collection, indicate which fabrics you would like (i.e. I would like the second E in this collection to be represented as an S)

This collection illustrates the 7 letter combination only. When ordering 1 to 3 letters you can choose your fabrics. of Orders of 4 to 7 letters will use fabrics from left to right. Orders of 8 or more will start repeating fabrics.

10 Letter collection (fabrics repeat) $72.50
9 Letter collection (fabrics repeat) $67.50
8 Letter collection (fabrics repeat) $60.00
7 Letter collection (from Left to Right) $54.25
6 Letter collection (from Left to Right) $46.50
5 Letter collection (from Left to Right) $41.25
4 Letter collection (from Left to Right) $34.00
3 Letter collection (pick your fabric) $27.00
2 Letter collection (pick your fabric) $18.00
1 Letter collection (pick you fabric) $9.00

Mini Clothesline Clips can be purchased in our Accessories Department, along with fabric nail covers!

If you need any other combination of letters, just convo us for a custom listing or further instructions.
Custom Banners can be purchased using this listing:

If you're looking for something other than your moniker to yell to the world, then check out these ideas:

DREAM over the crib wall.
SMILE over the dresser mirror.
LOVE in your living room.
GATHER behind the dining room table.
@HOME over your couch.
IN LOVE over your bed (that is adult bed :))
PARTY for the 2 year olds birthday.
CHEERS for the engagement party.